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Advantages of a Revocable Living Trust

You want the best for your family, especially when it comes to estate planning. The right estate planning tools, well-crafted by an attorney, may yield great returns for your family even after you’re gone. Trusts are one of the most popular estate planning tools, and for good reason.

A trust is an arrangement created by a trustor, who names a trustee to manage the trust assets and at least one beneficiary of the trust. There are several types of trusts, each with its own purpose.

Some trusts are created after an individual’s death by the terms of their Will. A revocable living trust, however, is established during the trustor’s lifetime. Typically, the trustor will also serve as trustee and will continue to receive income from the trust until death.

As with any process, there are advantages and disadvantages. Reasons to establish a revocable living trust include:


Many people feel a great sense of relief and peace after putting together their estate plans. We are here to help.